Chemical Lows

by MissAliBlahBlah

Parabens.  Evil little things and they are everywhere.

Deemed safe……until recently.  But they are still EVERYWHERE.

The are used to preserve things.  So that means food and cosmetics – pretty much most things we use.

BUT……….parabens are increasingly being found in cancerous breast tissue.  They are being found to cause fertility issues in women…and men.  They are found to cause premature aging in skin….that one’s almost funny as no doubt all the anti aging creams are full of parabens.

They are also found to cause accelerated growth of any form of tumour.

It’s really difficult to not use them BUT Garnier have now bought out a roll on and spray deodorant that doesn’t containing parabens.  Tesco has bought out a whole paraben free range of facial wipes, moisturiser, cleanser, toner, facial scrub.  Rimmel has brought out a foundation that is paraben free.  Tints of nature are a paraben free hair dye.  All are very reasonably priced so there is no reason to not be able to avoid parabens.

It’s a cheap product to use so don’t expect the cancer link to put manufacturers off using it just yet.

Whilst I am talking about damaging products…..the new Brazilian blow out or blow dry (depending on whether you are from the UK or the US) contains slightly too high levels of formaldehyde…and has been strongly linked to cancer.  Although the main manufacturer of this product states their product is formaldehyde free but is not backing up this claim with any evidence! I wonder why (please insert a roll of the eyes here).  Formaldehyde is very bad for your health….is straight hair really worth the risk?

4-Methylimadazole has shown to be harmful to health and is capable of causing cancer.  Yet it is used in such fizzy drinks as Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Benzophenone-2 and Benzophenone-3 are used in many sunscreens, one just for fragrance.  Both are deemed harmful and thought to cause anaemia and um skin cancer!!!!  And that’s only two of the harmful ingredients in sunscreens.  Maybe it’s time to embrace the pale.

It’s difficult as you would like to think your health is more important to everyone than saving a few pennies but it wouldn’t appear to be that way.