A walking contradiction

by MissAliBlahBlah

I often want to be alone but I fear being lonely
I am great at giving advice but crap at taking my own advice
I seem to know just how to solve other people’s problems but haven’t got a clue how to sort out my own
I am happy but equally sad
I am quiet but equally loud
I want to not live in a materialistic world but love having new things
I want to live a more simple life but over complicate it by worrying
I am glad I don’t live in my old fickle world but I seem to punish myself for not being that girl anymore
One minute I love life the next moment I think it’s shit
Sometimes I am so happy and laughing so hard and in the blink of an eye I am crying
I want everyone to notice me but then fear it’s because I’ve got something on my face or that my zip is undone
I moan about being heavier than I was but I hate exercise
I feel I don’t do much but hear my life back in someone else’s words and think wow that’s busy
I would rather have one best friend than tonnes of aquaintences but then moan I don’t have enough friend even though the ones I have are amazing
I want to be out all the time but really love being in the comfort of my own home

I am a walking contradiction.