Skinny doesn’t cut it

by MissAliBlahBlah

Read it and make up your own mind. But, I have to express a little concern here. I don’t personally think skinny is pretty. I am not saying it’s ugly but I just don’t think it’s the size that women should be. Young boys and girls yes, but not women.

Most models have unhealthy diets, or are underage hence the prepubescent body. It’s not something anyone in their 20’s or 30’s should be striving for.

Women who become seriously underweight will lose their ability to have children, they will lose hair on their head and will get more fuzz on their arms and face. Their breath will start to smell and their skin and nails will become dull, flakey and lifeless. That’s not something I would ever strive for.

You can only ever get as narrow as your hip bones, you will not get paste that no matter how much you diet – you will just end up with stick legs that look like they are encased in a nappy.

You will lose energy and I guess once this is all coupled together you won’t really be much fun to hang out with either.

It breaks my heart so see pretty people half killing themselves, and tragically sometimes killing themselves to keep you with fashion.

How about know your shape and learn to dress to suit it, how about learn to love the skin you are in. How about being happy and healthy.

I am not saying let it all hang out and get fat – no way – as that’s got just as many bad points to it.

But Tracy Anderson’s name has been popping up in debates quite a lot just lately. I’ve heard of a lot of people that have done her workout videos and have ended up injurying themselves, and people that have followed her diet and become seriously ill. Whilst under her care Madonna was breaking bones and suffering exhaustion. And the report on Gwennies health in the article is true… draw your own conclusions….a woman wanting to live healthily should not be eating 700 calories a day or anything close. 2,000 is the recommended amount depending on how active you are. And there’s the key. Eat sensibly and be active and stop chasing someone else’s ideal. The truth is it’s not meant to be obtainable otherwise diets won’t continue to sell. The world of consumerism needs to keep people feeling no good as it makes them go out to buy make up, diet fads and clothes.

Just remember that next time you think about the new fool proof diet…..I think I am starting to learn what the fool part really means!