by MissAliBlahBlah

I think that picture says quite a lot. I’ve been talking about image and the way the world focuses on people’s looks too much quite a bit just lately. And it is weird because each of us has our own ideas about who and what is beautiful. Or at least we did. The media pumps certain images at us everywhere we look now, it’s not just in magazines, it’s on billboards, on buses, in newspapers, on TV….pretty much everywhere you go. I thought the Dove adverts would help turn things around and then I realised how darn niave I am. What interest does a media machine have in selling us an image that says be comfortable with who you are! Silly silly me. They want to tell us these unobtainable images are how we should look because we will never be able to get there and that’s the point. If we can never reach it we’ll keep striving for it which in turn keeps us buying clothes, make up, beauty products, new fad diets…..ok so a few people will take it too far and die along the way but do you think the media wheel cares about that? There will be another few thousand kids coming along soon enough to brain wash. Harsh but very true and so not fair.

Even the models that are helping to sell this image are not actually like that – they are preened and air brushed to within an inch of their lives.

How many times have I seen pictures in magazines making fun of the celeb that has been caught wihtout their make up on ewww heaven forbid they look like a human – funny thing is 9/10 the pictures show a celeb with just more regular make up on and not 10 inches of the stuff for a shoot.

Forever making us think we need to be perfect.

But what is perfect? A shallow dream that’s all. IF things were perfect you’d get bored of them soon enough and you’d learn very little.

Not sounding quite so ideal really.

I am not perfect far from it and thank god. Although in my usual hypercritical way I have HUGE issues with what I look like. I can use my security blanket to get me through a lot – ie that I am actually a good and kind person, but hey what’s that worth in this world because shock horror I don’t have plastic surgery, I don’t bleach my hair and I am not a size minus zero! (And come on please minus zero…it’s laughable or would be if it wasn’t so bloody dangerous)!

This point I feel will never be made properly so I will continue to rant and the world will continue to turn in it’s media obsessed way but I live in hope.

Tied into this image is this book that I have just read. Laura appears to have it all – good looking husband, perfect kids, big house, lots of money, gaggle of friends…….and one girl in the background niggling away at her perfect life. She realises that her ‘friends’ aren’t all that and her life is just a game and her past catches up with her in quite a spectacular way.