My Dream

by MissAliBlahBlah

What I’d like….what I’d really like is my own little book store. I’d have it open at odd times, sometimes at midnight.

There’d be glitter heavily involved in the decoration and little tiny china teacups and teapots.

There’d be a little stage at the back for local bands to play. With a little room out back for me, with a vintage desk and a hammock.

I’d have one of those little ladders that slide along the bookcases.

I think I’d have an old school hat stand with some wings and a wand hanging on it.

Cupcakes would be for sale, because, you know, cupcakes cure all ills.

I’d have an old school vintage cash register and hanging baskets outside.

There’d be a rocking chair in the corner with a puppy dog asleep on the cushion.

The logo would be a bambi and a unicorn silhouette.

I’d be very happy thank you.