A tiny bit of story time with me!

by MissAliBlahBlah

This might become a bigger story, I am not sure.  I was sleeping and woke up, thinking I heard something and wrote this.

I jumped awake.  Sitting bolt up right in bed, hitting my elbow on the cabinet.  Wincing in pain, eyes alert, I scanned the room.  Every shadow seemed right.  Didn’t it?  The more I stared and peered into the darkness, the more the shapes seemed to jump and move.  I could feel a chill spreading quickly across my skin.  I shivered.  Was this from the breeze trickling through the ill fitting windows?  My duvet covered skin now exposed to the night air? Or was it something else? I gulped, barely allowing myself the next sentence.  Or was it someone else?  I started to hum, loudly and out of tune.  I realised the sound I was trying to block out was my own internal voice.  But external noise was the only way I could attempt to shut myself up.  It had failed for the last 26 years of my life.  Chances were it would fail me again now.

I screamed.  A loud, blood curdling, not just loud enough to wake the household, but to wake the whole neighbourhood too, type of scream.  Not that there were many to wake in our lovely exclusive neighbourhood.

I took deep breaths, helping my heart rate slow down.  It had only been the lacey voile at the window, rippling in the draft.

My childlike imagination, the only kind available in the night, saw a white, sheet like movement and thought of only one thing.

The theme to Ghostbusters started running through my head, temporarily silencing my voices.  ‘Temporarily’ was the best I could hope for wasn’t it? I mean, that’s all anything is isn’t it? Temporary.

As though spurred on by the word, I reached out my hand, gently caressing the sheet across the other side of the bed.  The empty air embraced me back.  Temporary.  That’s all life is isn’t it? That’s all anything is…….then a hand reached out and covered my mouth……………………