It’s raining…it’s pouring.

by MissAliBlahBlah

A friend of mine complained about all the status updates he’s getting about the weather.  What can I say – it’s a cliché but it’s true.

We Brits talk about the weather because we have it.

If you woke up in the morning to 30 degree heat day in day out THEN it would be weird to talk about the weather every day.  I’d probably do it but then I’m like that. It’s good to be annoying!  It’s a running joke in this country that if you don’t like the current weather just wait 5 minutes!!

I heard an old couple on the train once.  The lady turned to the man, who I presume was her husband and stated that it had been raining – he grunted a reply.  I thought she was amazingly astute, there was only mass flooding across all the fields we passed.  She proceeded to talk incessantly making the same wonderful observations, each one met with a grunt and a ‘yes dear’.  It made my train ride amusing.  Without talking about the weather it would’ve been another dull boring train journey.  I mean what else would old people have to talk about right ;op

If you have met someone a few times but not spoken much the weather is a great ice breaker (see what I did there ‘ice’ weather condition…yeah OK I will stick to the day job……)

There is one other really, really, important reason to talk about the weather.


It’s alright for my shaven headed friend – he doesn’t understand….but I don’t know about you but if I go out in the rain my hair behaves like those magic face cloths, you know those neatly packed tiny little things that you had a little water too and they grow about 50 times their original size? Yeah, you know them, then you know how my hair behaves in the wind and rain.

I tried wearing a hat.  No go.  You end up with helmet head, which is SO not a look I will ever choose to have, not only that, the hair that was not covered will grow giving a very weird half sleek, half Crystal Tips hair do.  Another no go!

Not only that you need to be for warned that it’s raining.  Have you gotten on the bus or the tube after a big storm? It stinks of wet dog and old P.E kits.  You can also tell who washes their hair and who doesn’t.

Getting caught in a storm is so lovely – as long as you are on your way home.  There’s something really great about being rained on.  Having a big bubble bath and then snuggling up in doors with your jim jams on and listening to the rain pounding down outside.  (Or inside as is the current situation with my flat).


If you are heading out for a night out – your feet get wet – you bag (and its contents) get soaked, your make up runs, if you have hair spray on and you dare to touch the wet hair then you look like you’ve got a terrible case of dandruff.

Again – not a good look at all.

You also need to know if it’s raining so you can run outside and dance through all the puddles singing your heart out…never tried it? You really, really should!

NOW do you see why it’s so important that we talk about the weather!?!