What is attractive anyway?

by MissAliBlahBlah

What does the word attractive mean?

We are fed a certain image by the media but we all know that’s so not a true representation of what is attainable.

It’s of their interest to make it unattainable as that is what sells.

How many girls get lip fillers?

Did you know that your bottom lip is meant to be quite a high percentage bigger than your top lip! But somewhere we’ve been fed this thing where we have to have lips that really you can only get through an accident (believe me on this one – I popped my top lip open once….) or you go to a doctor.

How many people do you think have had something done to their face to stop the wrinkles? But you do realise that expression is what tells a story, laughter lines are earnt through a life time and that people that have more expressional faces tend to be more popular as it is deemed a frozen face doesn’t express compassion to people.

Don’t we all want to be an individual in some way, shape or form? I understand some go out of their way to stand out but we don’t want to all look like a Gap commercial do we? We don’t all want to look like we are on some conveyor belt, so why are we doing all this stuff to ourselves that makes us end up all looking a little bit too much the same and not even in the mould of a human being – it all starts to get a bit feline after a while.

When did we decide it was ok to inject poison into our faces (without really knowing the long term effects)?

I mean what is attractive anyway?

Is it really being a size 8?

Is it really having flawless unwrinkled umbleamished skin?

Is it really looking forever young and a bit pillow faced?

Is it really having gigantic, unnatural looking boobs?

Or is it someone that is nice, someone who is kind, someone who is comfortable in their own skin?

You can’t help it if you get acne, you wrinkle, or your get stretch marks – those sorts of things are in your genes.  You can’t help it if your nose is a little too large, or your hair a little too dry or too bushy. You can’t help it if your feet are a bit too big, or your eyes are not so nice a colour, again these are all down to your genetics.

What you can do is make sure you wear the best clothes for your body and your personality – not what the media tells you is in fashion, I mean have you seen what passes for fashion these days? Someone is having a laugh and it ain’t you!

What you can do is make sure you are nice, charming, witty, funny, interesting and above all to make sure that you stop and listen to people.

So much pressure is put on us to be talkers but really wouldn’t it be vile if everyone just talked all the time, if no one actually stopped to listen.

Silence can sometimes be beautiful you know.

You are what you are and grow to love that.

So what if you are not the most ‘beautiful’ person.  Do you not think ‘beautiful’ people have down days?

So what if you are not the life and soul of every party.  Do you not know that they are quite often the one’s crying the hardest on the inside.

The popular kid that picks on you, ignores you, ridicules you…..it’s because they are jealous….quite possibly at your freedom for not having to conform, to not having to fit in, to having your own set of rules.

Live.  Breathe. Be kind. Be real. Keep your eyes open.  Notice the little things. Be true to you!

Just be yourself, everyone else is taken after all.

I always think I am a bit too fat.  It doesn’t matter how big or small I actually am, I’ve been 2 ½ stone underweight and thought I was still too fat so I have to realise that is something inside of me.

I always think my hair could be a little better.

I always think my face is a disgrace.

I’ve never felt beautiful in my life.

BUT I do know that I am kind.  I do know that I am a good friend.  I do know that once I’ve let you in, I will have your back forever.  I do know that I can listen….and apparently boy can I talk.

Above all I am learning to accept things about myself.

I still have days where I throw my hairbrush down and curl up in a ball and cry.

But I pick myself up.

I do it for me. I don’t do it for some weird ideal of attractiveness.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

True Beauty comes from within.

Think about those last two sentences next time a magazine tells you that you should be this, that or the other.  Think about those last two sentences when someone tries to belittle you and make you not feel good enough.

Look in the mirror and smile, try to be your own best friend.

There are enough people out there willing to drag you down – so don’t do it to yourself as well.

True Beauty comes from within….don’t you forget it.