Why do we make relationships so complicated?

by MissAliBlahBlah

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect relationship.

It’s human nature to get pissed off sometimes.

To feel wound up.

To do the winding up.

There’s also a weird irony that the things you found cute at the start, will grate on your nevers as the years go by.

As people you wil grow and change…or at least I really hope that you will……this is a good thing.

With a dose of luck and a big dollop of trying and effort with a side order of communication, you will grow together enough to still have enough in common.

To work together in your own version of harmony.

One major point to remember is to not believe all the hype around ou.  By that I mean what you hear and see of other peoples relationships.  You never know the full story.  The most perfect relationships can be so flawed behind closed doors and sometimes the most unlikely couples can be a match made in heaven behind closed doors.

The major sticking point as to waht will make or break a relationship is communication, as we all know, but respect, for one self and for your better half is absolutely the not spoken about enough ingredient to every successful relationship out there.

Sometimes this is mistaken for grand gestures but honestly, it’s the little things in life that speak volumes.  The little things can make or break a relationship.  Remember that song ‘Nothing.’

‘Nothing can cause a great big fight.’

Take note people.  If someone says nothing is wrong, 98% of the time it means something is majorly wrong.

Compromise is something that exists in every relationship.

The other person should never feel compromised though.

If you say you’re going to call……call.

If you say you are going to be 20 minutes, be 20 minutes or call to say you will be later.

If someone is ill, ask them how they are feeling.

If you see someone doing housework and you’re just sat there……get off your ass and help.

If someone’s had a tough day run them a bath, pay them a compliment, give them a hug.

Do little things for the person you love.

Never ever take them for granted because one day you will be so shocked to find the cupboards empty and them and all their things have gone.




Little things.

We humans seem to overcomplicate everything.

Simple, easy rules, yet for some reason so many of us get it wrong.  4 things to remember but it’s amazing how easily so many of us forget.