I’ll catch you somewhere over the rainbow

by MissAliBlahBlah

Some days, most days, ok, nearly every night, I have trouble sleeping.

I don’t try to worry or stress or anything like that but my head just won’t stop its natter.

Ok please be aware I do not have voices like that I just mean my head kicks in.  I enter this awake but not quite fully state where I write entire songs, lyrics, drums, guitar everything…it’s all there in my head but pooof it’s gone when I wake up…no time to find a pen or Dictaphone.  The same happens with stories, I am always writing stories in my head – whilst I am out walking, trying to sleep……..it’s relentless….but in a really fun creative way – I just wish I could be as good when I am awake.

The only thing with this is that sometimes you can have the most vivid dreams – so real you are not sure if they happened.  Did that person really say that to you? Did you really just win a ride on a unicorn?  Is your house really now up in the clouds?

Waking up can sometimes end up disappointing as I go to reach for the lovely new dresses I think I have but alas they are not there.  I reach for a mirror to check out my lovely clear sparkling skin and glossy hair but alas just little old me looks back, complete with bed head.  I go outside thinking that ok maybe the unicorn won’t be there, but surely the pumpkin coach will be, I can’t have dreamt up both, can I! Or can I?

But imagine waking up in this bed every day – you couldn’t be sad could you!

(OK there is a slim chance you will dream about being eaten alive but at least it’s a rainbow doing the damage!)