Snow is falling…all around…..

by MissAliBlahBlah

Well Ok not quite….yet but I hear it will on Monday and I am stupidly excited about this.
Last year we had a white christmas and you can’t really get more magical than that!

This year it’s not been so cold which is a bonus but that does mean it’s been more rainy which is a bit meh – it just makes you not want to go out or do anything.

When it rains I still have to go to work – so I get to listen to the world and its dog have fun outside – but I don’t get too bitter – I just get up early and I run around putting my fresh foot prints in the snow – then I go to work and let the world take over. All around you instead of angry shouts and car horns, you can hear families out, playing, laughing – it’s rather delightful to be so frightfully British for one moment.

Everywhere sparkles and glistens – like a giant glitter pot has been spilt all over. Little snowman, big snowmen…slightly deformed snowmen pop up everywhere. Icicles point their fingers down and sometimes they caputre a rose bud inside or make little alien faces and hands.

Everywhere becomes truely magical.

But then I want it gone – no one likes slush and mean drivers who go too fast into it to get you dirty and wet.

So come on snow fall – then go – just leave me like a bad date!!!