Keep away from the haters

by MissAliBlahBlah

There will always be people in this world that are ready to hate and ruin your day – so don’t join in with them and beat yourself up.
Fill your life with the things you love to do (as long as they are legal ;o) and make room for some tranquility and quiet times to balance the rush of every day life. Keep positive, keep hopeful and always remember to dream. Without a dream how can anything come true!??!
Spend your time with people that appreciate you and make you feel good – all the others are not worth bothering about – it might add an extra number to your facebook friends, but seriously – does that really matter? The answer is no! Far better to have one amazing friend than a handful of pretty rubbish ones.
Jealousy is a curse that is part of human nature – don’t let them get you down. Rise above them and float away!