Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin!

by MissAliBlahBlah

I found another lovely picture and tried to make it speak a thousand words.

She pushed the shutters open – the breeze gently picking up her hair and making it dance around her face. She looked out towards the sea, mesmerised by the glistening and sparkling of the suns reflection bouncing along the top of the waves.
She could feel the salt gently seep into her skin; she could feel her hair start to wave.
Above all she felt happy.
It had taken a long time to get here.
Blood, sweat and tears and all the favours she could muster up.
Now she felt like her life would finally be hers. Here she felt she could finally be the person she had been trying all those years to be but hadn’t had the confidence.
‘Goodbye London, hello life.’ Rosie called out to the sea, letting the sea breeze carry her words away.
Across the bay a young man called Dan looked up towards the cottage, he could just make out the shutters were open. He waved. He didn’t know if Rosie could see him down here.
Rosie smiled and waved back. It was as though the breeze had carried her words across to the bay.
‘I love you.’ She shouted out to Dan. Hoping he could hear or feel it in his heart.
They had lived in London a long time, struggling through the hustle and bustle with very little money. They’d been tested time and time again. Landlords neglecting their little home until it came to rent raise day.
Their jobs were nice and pleasant and fun but the pay reflected the fact they were sought after jobs. They made ends meet as best they could, wanting for little but not really able to afford a lot.
Fancy meals out where not on the cards. Their own transportation a thing of dreams. A little house to call their own was something they could only talk about. Life felt restricting and it had started to get to Rosie. Dan had felt it for years but had thought Rosie was free in London and never wanted to be the one to clip her wings.
He looked back up at the cottage longingly. He loved that girl but he didn’t think he’d ever be able to let her know how much. She had a habit of not believing him anyway.
But they had finally talked.
They realised they had both wanted the same thing. They had both wanted a way out. A new start.
So they took it. They embraced their dreams and flew with them.
It was a gamble and one they were still not sure whether it would land them in the red or the black but they had decided it was better to regret something they had done than something they hadn’t done. It would be a tale to tell if nothing else.
They had worked out the savings they had which had been enough to put down a deposit on a tiny little cottage, it was not their own, it was still only a rental but the landlord had said they could decorate it to their tastes and have it on a long term lease. This was perfect as they had some freedom but without the commitment until they knew if this was where they should be.
Dan had moved down first whilst Rosie tied up any loose ends in London. They had spent more than they should have on moving but had paid for a proper team to come in and take control – there was no way Rosie was going to run up and down the stairs that many times ever again, moving in had been horrible and they had accumulated so much ‘stuff’. All ‘stuff’ that couldn’t be thrown away of course.
Dan got a job as the local post man quite quickly – the hours were a bit erratic but he liked that, it also had helped him get to know some of the locals. This had led to him hearing about a little office job going – perfect to help Rosie move down and look for something else. And here she was, she’d found the move easy. She thought it would break her heart to leave London but she was so happy by the sea. This view alone would keep her going for years.
She’d made sure all her friends had her new address and promises had been made to visit her soon and with the friends she had these days she knew the words were true.
They had little money left over once they’d paid their bills and their rent – pretty much the same as when they were in London. They still couldn’t afford their own car but instead they had bought two push bikes and were loving riding around town, getting fit, and just exploring somewhere new. Their neighbour had called round the first day they had both moved in and bought them some milk and home-made cookies. The local shopkeeper had given them a bottle of wine and Dan’s new boss had given them a little hamper which they thought they would take up to the cliff at the weekend and have a picnic and toast their new life.
Already there was a spring in their steps that they hadn’t had in London. So life had toned down even more than before but they finally were starting to feel there was a community here. People were friendly. People remembered your name.
Rosie leant out of the shutter window and gazed out again at the sparkling dancing waves below. She looked over towards the bay where the little spec that was Dan could be seen. She blew him a kiss and looked to the sky and smiled.
Dan looked over towards Rosie and packed up his things. He wondered if she had been able to see the little puppy at his heels that he’d just picked up for them. All had been Okayed with the landlord this was the final little surprise for Rosie and their new life.