You can call me many things……

by MissAliBlahBlah

…but sporty is never and will never be one of them.
I don’t do sport. I don’t do organised exercise. I tried a yoga class once and the teacher went super super religious on my ass, well not on my ass…you know what I mean! I went to a pilates class once with a friend and almost got thrown out. It’s not my fault when I start to giggle I find it very hard to stop ok!

I’m not lazy though. I have a lot of nervous energy and I very rarely sit still. I also walk to and from work as often as possible – this is a good half hour march either way with a big hill involved. It’s me time with my ipod and the sun rise and I write so many stories in my head – all to be forgotten of course but it’s fun never the less.

But one thing I have always wanted to do….is to ride in the tunnel of a wave.