Body art init!

by MissAliBlahBlah

I HATE how people judge people with tattoos.

To be fair to that sentance – people in prison with those white supremacy things well….different breed not worth talking about……

But tattoos can be lovely and I’ve seen many that are. I love the one’s that tell a tale. There is a great advert out there that sums up acceptance in the work place and people’s attitudes.

I think it’s one of the best adverts I’ve ever seen for perfectly getting the message across.

I am just not so keen on the fact that tattoos are now a fashion accessory for some – but one you can never take off.

Do you really have the same taste when you are 30 as you do when you are 18? Or 14? Because I know there is a law but we all know laws get broken.

Kids are rushing out to get covered in tattoos – almost getting anything done just to be tattooed – as though that is the only way they can express themselves or appear cool.

It makes me feel bad for those that have tattoos for the right reasons.

And what might those be? Because you want something beautiful on you for a reason – because it speaks to you – because it marks something special – can take you back to a happy moment or to remember a dear person. I love tattoos.
But I question the motives of some these days.

I think there are going to be a lot of kids out there that regret what they have done – plus the fact so many are getting generic tattoos done so they end up looking the same as tonnes of other kids walking around.

This guy has had something different done and I quite like it.

For the record this post is not a diss at tattoos and people that have them just the motives behind some of the youth getting them today. I think you know the type I mean.