I heard some news today, oh boy…..

by MissAliBlahBlah

I knew this lady.
She was funny.
She lived life.
She made me laugh.
She had this childlike naivety to her.
She trusted people.
Which was odd because she had been shat on a couple of times from a great height.
I loved and worried about the fact that she was still so trusting.
Last time we spoke it was to talk about having a bit of a girly evening with a couple of other people from work.
It never happened.
None of us ever had the time.
Today we got a phone call at work.
She’s dead.
It’s like a punch to the stomach.
It puts so much into perspective.
It makes you think about all the things you do and don’t enjoy.
It makes you want to say Fuck it.
It makes you think about the things that matter, the people that matter.
I knew her because she used to cover my job when I went on holiday.
She realised that we had friends in common and we stayed in touch.
We emailed and sent the occasional text.
A couple of people I work with knew her way better than me.
It makes me so sad to see them so sad.
It makes me sick to the stomach about how her poor parents must be feeling.
It makes me question everything about life.
Her name was Linda.
Learn one thing from this if you will………if you love someone, tell them. If you’ve been meaning to see an old friend, please do it. Don’t keep putting things off because you haven’t got the time because the truth is none of us know what time we have left.
Tonight, you should raise a glass and toast all the people you love in life and be happy.