You could hide small children under there!

by MissAliBlahBlah

This dress is HUGE – it’s like a whole garden draped around someone’s shoulders! It looks like it would weigh a tonne and that you would not be able to do much but stand and pose.

I work for a period costume house and have long since learnt about the weight of these dresses and how the underwear, specifically the corsets would help with the weight of these types of dresses. I used to think that men were so gentlemanly back then because if a lady dropped something they would pick it up for them, always. I thought it was so quaint. I’ve since found out it’s because the ladies can’t actually bend down in those things.

I do also love how even if you were poor you would still be suited and booted with your hat on and looking as fine as you can do. I then look out on the streets at some of the fashion today and sigh!