How very dare you laugh!

by MissAliBlahBlah

Now, I am a vegetarian. I prefer animals to people 99% of the time.
I was in Glasgow going around a museum that was full of some quite hideous stuffed animals. They were old enough that you know a lot of them were actually killed to be stuffed to be put in rich stupid people’s houses to make them seem ‘cool’, and over the years museums have collected them.

As I was walking around the museum I was getting abit cross about the mindless slaughter of animals and I came across this little fella and it made me laugh.

It’s pretty obvious that’s the intention and also that the doglet was not killed to make this point.

As I chuckled a little girl went nuts at me – calling me sick and other things – this of course made me laugh even more and me and said little girl snarled at each other the rest of the way around the museum.

All I have to say is one word. ‘Context’.