Ain’t that the truth!!!!

by MissAliBlahBlah

How many times do you wake up feeling a bit crappy.
Your hair isn’t right – you hate your face, you have loads of clothes but simply ‘nothing’ to wear.
You are the same size as yesterday but today you feel fat.
You feel hideous and horrible and because of this you start to think that life sucks, more specifically you start to think that your life sucks.
You overly dramatically state you have no friends, that you are useless, ugly and no good.
As you go about your day – you think people are looking at you thinking just those thoughts.
You walk past people laughing and can hear that they are saying mean things about you.
Someone looks at you and smiles and you see them laughing at you.
You walk home and everyone and their dog is looking at you thinking you are useless and a billy no mates.

A few days later you wake up and feel much better about life – at least for today.

Weirdly people seem to be being nicer to you as well.

Fancy that!