My friend set me another picture story – hope you enjoy!

by MissAliBlahBlah

I couldn’t believe it – I’d tried everything I could – yet here I am in the back of this blooming van.
I’d come into this world and had made a cute little baying noise to my Mother who quickly licked all that goo off my little face, one big long lick of her tongue, a big schmwack and my head hit the hay where I had been born.
I was quietly trying to stand on some shaky little legs when I could hear my Mom making a funny noise. She started to breath funny and I turned around.
I really wish I hadn’t.
The sight was disgusting.
It was like a slimey haggis hanging out of her, well hanging out of her kebab……not a lamb one though I hope you realise!!!! But thanks for your concern.
Out bubbled this most disgusting thing.
I looked at the floor then up at my Mom. I asked her if she’d had an accident and should I call the farmer to come and clean it up but she just laughed at me and said it was my brother or sister.
I looked at the thing on the floor – horrified.
I was not related to that thank you very much.
My Mom lent over and with another big long lick and a schmwack I could not believe the transformation. There in front of me was a little baby lamb. I looked around with suspicion. This was like magic…or something.
It certainly had looked like some wrong trick at the start.
I sniffed near it and sure enough it smelt just like me.
Wow. I said hello to it and it hiccupped in my face.
I tried to lick it like my Mom did but my tongue was too short.
My mom lay down and we snuggled up to her and she started leaking this white stuff but it tasted lovely so she told us to drink it up. And we did.
It was lovely.
So we drank it up again. And again. And again.
My Mom stayed lying down for the next 20 minutes and then stood up and ushered us over to the other side of the pen. From here we suddenly realised we were not alone. There was the farmer and his wife and their little girl, all staring at us. In the little girls hand was a bottle and it had that special white stuff in it. I went over to sniff it and to sniff the little girl and she thrust the bottle in my face, causing the white to skirt in my eye. I yelped and fell backwards and everyone laughed at me. I was going to cry but I saw my Mom smiling too so I jumped back up and did it again. And again and got them all laughing at me. I smiled and skipped and jumped around the pen. They kept saying the words showman at me so I guess that’s my name.
My sister was quieter and just walked over to them and let herself be stroked and patted on the head. It looked a bit rough to me so I stayed away, hiding my fear by trying to leap as high as I could.
After a while the farmer left, taking his family with him. I looked at my Mom who was ushering me over to the fence. I peered through the panels and saw over at the other side was a pen full of my Mom’s. She said they were sheep. I said hello to the sheeps but she told me it wasn’t spoken that way. But we all know more than one means an s on the end so I ignored her and went to speak to the other sheeps.
I liked them, they smelt like home. I tried to climb the fence to get to them but my mom kept laughing at me. I was too little but she told me all in good time and to not rush growing up. She kept saying that to me but I didn’t understand, I just wanted to be big and strong like the other sheeps in the pen I could see. They looked warm and snug, but when I watched them in the field they seemed slow. I wasn’t going to be like them. I got up and jumped around the pen some more, showing off to my Mom and my sister and the other sheeps. They kept laughing and I kept performing. The farmers daughter used to come and watch and laugh and would talk to me quite a bit, a lot more than she talked to the other sheeps that’s for sure.
One day I woke up and the other sheeps were nearly all gone. I searched everywhere for them but I couldn’t fine them. I got quite distraught. My mom just told me not to worry about it. But I did worry.
Slowly I realised that the only sheeps left were the ones that had children. I asked Mom if we’d be taken away like the other sheeps. She wouldn’t answer me. I started to get sad. Something didn’t feel right. I’d seen the farmers daughter less and was being given loads more food. I had lapped it up at first but then I got scared. My Mom told me to eat but looked really sad at the same time. She wouldn’t talk to me about it.
One morning I woke up to lots of noise in the shed, all the little sheeps were being rounded up, including me and my sister. We were marched onto this truck. It was cold and dirty and it smelled even worse than the barn did sometimes. I cried out. The truck door slammed shut. The engine roared into life and we started moving. Mom wasn’t with me so I tried to look after my sister. I rammed the back door of the lorry, again and again. It flew open and out we quickly leapt. Free!