by MissAliBlahBlah

Do you ever sort of say this to yourself?
Maybe you have to reach a certain age to do it – but I know that I, as anyone, look back on things with far more fondness than a lot of it deserves.
I’ve changed a lot over the years.
And so I should.
To stay the same would be a waste of everything that life has to offer.
Some changes are definitely for the better but of course some will be for the worse, but…..
When I am in one of my funks I really miss ‘the old me.’
Thing is the ‘old me’ was too skinny. The old me was too trapped into the image she had created. The old me was too judgemental of others and herself. The old me was a real night owl and boy could she drink….I was also known as the tea and cheese and toast girl (explanation may come one day, for now I’ll leave you guessing).
The new me is far more wholesome, I still disagree about being a chatterbox but I keep being told that is what I am, the new me switches it up a lot more, she is not judgemental (well……sometimes but that’s because I am human), the new me does far more than run around being all cheekbones and cheekiness. The cheekiness hasn’t really gone if I am honest but I do a lot more with my time, I am far more creative. I think I am forever destined to try to live a champagne lifestyle on lemonade money. I will ever have my doubts, by I will also always be hungry for life. The new me is more anti social, the new me can’t be bothered with clubs and lots of London gigs (thanks stupid new crowds that go), I also can’t be bothered with the night buses and being stared at by girls I don’t know and hit on by boys I could care less for. I have my little crowd and that does me good. So really the new me is a vast improvement……but I still have days where I pine for the girl I was……if I was smart I would realise she’s still here, very much so – but sometimes I am dumb.