No matter how tough things get

by MissAliBlahBlah


Very sadly a young man from the town I live in killed himself last week. It’s tragic.
Such a terrible thing for his friends and his family.
So terrible to think he felt so lost and unable to cope.
Sadly something that is becoming too common.
Yet still we don’t talk about depression with ease.
Still we frown on anyone that has mental health issues.
Still we don’t reach a hand out to help our fellow person.
It is thought that in the current climate each adult will suffer a series of mini breakdowns in their life time – that’s not just one or two we are talking double figures.
Some will pull through them and some will get lost into the dark vacuum of depression.
This time of year is the worst as well – it’s cold, it’s dark – there doesn’t seem to be much to look forward to – it’s expensive.
More and more we are being squeezed.
We are being fed a stream of really depressing news headlines.
Landlords are taking the piss more and more and the government sit by and do nothing.
Everyday tasks become daunting.
Our mask starts to slip.
We start to hide away.
We feel bogged down with no way out.
We should all learn to talk and reach out to each other more.