hi, hi, world

by MissAliBlahBlah

Another little message to say hello to new blog followers and to say thank you to those new and old.

I am still finding my feet with wordpress but I think the blog is starting to take shape.

Lots of quotes and feel good stuff and the odd serious message and stories of mine.

I find that todays world is looking somewhat grey.
The blog world can get a bit too ‘I am a fashion blog see me see me’ from people of a quite inappropriate age to be showing off thousands of pictures of themselves in states of (un)dress…..do I sound like a parent? I hope not.

There are some great fashion blogs out there but too many that are self obsessed and it scares me that our outer image is becoming so important.

I will forever be an advocate for the most important thing to be pretty on the inside.

Once upon a time in a tea room not so far from me someone asked about a girls boyfriend. One person piped up ‘He’s bold and wears glasses.’
I paused and took a deep breath. And said ‘Great so you define him by the two very things he has no control over – his genetics and male pattern boldness.’ Someone else then piped up ‘He’s actually a really nice guy.’ Ah now see – that’s the bit that matters.

A friend once told me she wanted me to meet her new boyfriend. Her new boyfriend seemed to make her happy and seemed to treat her very well. I was happy – all the things that mattered were ticked.
She then ruined it by saying ‘He’s not very good looking though.’
I paused and looked at her and said ‘Really? You want me to find your boyfrieNd attractive? As long as you are happy and he treats you right he gets the thumbs up from me.’

I was once the ‘cool kid’ that ran around looking cool sucking my cheekbones in but judging everyone – I stopped myself one day when I thought oh he’s a nice guy and all but what would my friends say if he stopped to talk to me in the street? I was horrified with myself and vowed to not give a F.C.U.K from that day onwards.

I left a lot of friends behind. No bad feelings, no bad blood, I was just SO bored of judging, being judged and never feeling good enough.

I still don’t feel good enough.
But somethings never change.
But I think the really important things did.
I like to mix up my look.
I can’t be bothered some days.
I am not so shallow.
It doesn’t bother me if you have a full head of hair or not, or if you are gorgeous or a little more challenged in those departments.
If you are good to me I will be good to you – it’s quite simple.
If you are a bitch to me I just won’t bother with you.

I one day hope the whole world is the same.

Yeah I know I set myself up for disappointments sometimes but a girls gotta have a dream right – because without a dream how can anything come true!!!!