Supersize v’s superskinny

by MissAliBlahBlah

I watched a show on TV last night called Super sized v’s super skinny.
The concept of the show is just down right wrong.
You take a clearly really obese person (who generally knows something needs to change) and you take a clearly way too skinny person (who generally denies they have issues) and you put them together.
Now the skinny person is hardly going to be encouraged to eat when they are faced with an over eater of quite mammoth proportions.
The skinny person is given the generally bad diet of the supersized person and vice versa.
Neither are healthy diets.
Neither have healthy attitudes towards food.
Both need help.

I’m not sure they are being given the right help.
It’s ok to eat not overtly healthy once in a while but more importantly it’s not always necessarily what we eat it is the portion control we seem to have no control over.
We don’t have a biscuit – we have a packet.
We don’t share a take out – we order one each.
We don’t share cake we buy a whole cake.
And don’t even get me started on the fast food menus and portions out there.
Some of the eating habits on last nights show were hideous.
It’s so sad that people are being so under educated or care so little about themselves.
Either end of the spectrum is a true concern. The skinny end will get more attention and sympathy whereas the fatter end of the spectrum will get laughed at and told to stop eating but we have to remember in both cases it is deep rooted psychological issues that are normally at play.
Again highlighting my case for better life education and way better parenting skills.
Also highlighting the danger that is the media that we all buy into.

Ladies and gents – please eat but eat sensible, don’t be scared to see a psychologist or counsellor and don’t starve yourself to fit into those skinny jeans.
More men are developing eating disorders – could this be down to the rise in men’s health magazine’s? Just like the beauty myth with women……….
We need to develop healthier body issues – healthier images to feed to our children.
We need to stop saying it’s the norm’ or ok for a fully grown woman to have the body of a adolescent boy.
No man I know actually likes skin and bone on a lady – they all prefer curves and someone that isn’t afraid to eat rather just pick at their food. You will have more energy as well and your moods will be better.
This works both ways, if you gorge on high sugar foods you will also have the extreme crashes that leave you unable to do things. Once your weight gets too high you will find everyday tasks a thing of the past and become a prisoner in your own skin.
These are serious concerns.
More and more women around me seem to have thighs smaller or as small as their calves, it’s not right for 99% of them.
I wonder if this is why there is an increase in complicated births and the amount of women suffering polycystic ovaries?