Will you be proposing?

by MissAliBlahBlah

So it’s the 29th February – girls are ‘allowed’ to propose to their boys.
Yep that’s the reason to do it, sure thing. Insert the rolling of my eyes.
And a note to celebrities – being together 6 months and saying you are getting married because you’ve been talking about it together for ‘ages’ hahahaha coughjlocough um you’ve only been together 6 months that’s not ages! So pah whatevs lady. Anyway – it all takes work – sometimes the longer you are with someone the more work you have to put in to keep it new, fresh and fun. You have to make time for them and for yourself – don’t suffocate and don’t compromise yourself, compromise but just not yourself. Settle down but don’t settle.
If it’s right to propose who cares what the date is.
If it’s never right to propose who cares what society says!