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Month: March, 2012

Paris is so last season

I haven’t hated on Paris Hilton in a while so I just wanted to pass up a comment on her.
She was doing an interview, and the interviewer asked her what she’d do when she wasn’t famous anymore!
Um, I think that’s a fine question.
I mean here is a lady that is famous for, um, she’s famous for……well, yet another one that ‘accidentally’ leaked a sex tape – wow the talent, a human being that can have sex.
Anyway – it’s made many a lot of money – but um where is the ‘talent’ – from what I hear there wasn’t much shown in the video either ;op
Now I think it’s a fine question to ask a celebrity what they’d like to do when they aren’t famous anymore because no one is famous for ever – or no one is at the top of their game forever, and lets be fair – there is a younger generation – maybe even 2 behind Paris now, get over it – she’s made her millions – she’s had her face put everywhere – she’s sold her soul now what?
But she took offence – threw a hissy fit – ran at the camera – halted the interview – refused to let it be aired and has said if anything is made public she will make sure that said show will never have access to her again.
Um way to go at not being famous anymore Paris.

Why oh why are we a world that condones such spoilt princesses?
Why do we pay such people so much money?
I don’t blame her for cashing in on that but she’s hardly up there as the best human nature has to offer because of it now is she?!
She was apparently being paid a million dollars to spend a few minutes opening a club.
Why oh why does the world buy into that – do you think that by going to said club you will become her friend? OR that you will get your 5 seconds of fame?

I wish people who deserved it were paid the vast amounts of money – that you could cash in your good person tokens for real money.
Then the wealth would be distributed fairly.
Then the right people would be recognised and held up in high regards.

This world can be an ugly place and it’s only down to human nature that it is – so why do we keep on heralding such ugly behaviour?

Anyway – that’s me done for this week – have a lovely weekend – I am off to somewhere secret to celebrate my anniversary – all I know is I have to be up early and dressed a bit retro…..exciting!


Another thing for my dream house

Seriously, hands down – this is the best swimming pool I think I have ever seen, like ever, ever!

It’s only 4 letters

But wow what depth and meaning it has!
It can make a day and break a day.
It can be said with such meaning or with such scorn and it’s only 4 little teeny tiny letters

Just saying!

In the words of Helena Bonham Carters mom…utterly Ridicoooooolus

But I want it so bad!

Flowers for everyone

I’ve often impresonated t-rex’s doofus arms!

Stamp out prejudice and start them young!

Ewok village for adults

Quite perfect!

She wasn’t just a dolly bird you know!