It’s Friday!

by MissAliBlahBlah

It’s Friday.
How many people, no matter how much you love your job end up wishing away your life to get to the weekend?

How many people are there probably in the world that hide away at the weekend too?

I don’t know about you but I find London life can be so full or so empty – for a place with so many people in it, it can be very isolating.

That was the basis for my idea of starting the Bookish Club – first meeting last night went very well and time will tell if things will pan out how I hope – maybe I will fall at the first hurdle but at least I tried!

We shouldn’t wish life away.

We should also maybe take stock of what is important to us – we do so much because we feel we should – how about do it just because.

The older I get the more I realise that money is not the main thing – time is the most valuable thing. If you have time you can do what you want and doesn’t the saying go the best things in life are free? With more money generally comes more stress, just so we can compete more and buy more ‘stuff’. I prefer to go out with my camera and just be!