One world, one people!

by MissAliBlahBlah

Ever since I was a tiny child and I have photographic evidence to back this up, I’ve always been on the side of the Indian.

A few years ago I started researching the history as much as I could.

I have a long way to go to understanding anything.
The history and culture is vast, it is lush and it is down right devastating.
The things that happened to these people were nothing short of outrageous.
To know a little of the poverty many of them live in today is down right appauling.
The tales and the lessons they had/have are/were fascinating.
Their understanding of nature was second to none.

I think we could all learn alot from their ways and their respect for the earth and mother nature.

I then read a girl’s account on twitter where she was outraged at western people using ‘her’ images, being sarcastic about the spiritual connection anyone other than a native has to these images and symbols.

I think she was missing the point.

All Natives wanted was for everyone to get on and be free. To be kind. Surely that is an open door policy to anyone that is kind.
They took in whites that were their friend.
Her attitude seemed to me to be one of her own battle, to be shutting down and shutting out people that might care and understand.
You can’t blame someone for what they are born as.
Spirituality is not exclusive in who it allows in.
That is one of the points I think some of these outrageous acts in history point out.
It was an early form of genocide, it still continues in many ways in many countries today.
That should not be so.
By putting labels and exclusivity on things I think you help to keep them alive.
If something is worth saying, say it.
If something is worth believing, beleive it.
If you find something that touches your heart, go with it.
If you know of a better way, teach it.
It’s one world.
We should be one people.