Double standards

by MissAliBlahBlah

So are you yet screeching that I am a feminist?
Let me tell you something….feminism is a good thing – just a bunch of sexists took the word and made it ugly.
If you are a woman and you work you are basically a feminist, as the initial idea was to give women a voice, to allow them a vote, to allow them to work and to get an education.
These are good things.
There shouldn’t be double standards.
No one sex is lesser or better.
It’s who we are as individuals that make us a success or a failure.
If you are a man you should have the right to be a househusband, or a nurse without being demasculated…(check the urban dictionary, it is a word).
I have the right as a woman to wear a dress or a skirt or trousers, as a man if you wish to wear a skirt – feel free.
I don’t judge you on such simple things.
If you do the same job as me and happen to have something hanging between your legs, I do not believe this means you should get less or more money than me.
We should be judged on how well we do that job.
If you are a good person, if you try to be positive, if you work for what you have and you respect yourself and others, now then I will take note and be interested in you.
Double standards can go take a hike!