I wish people would stop trying so hard to be something they are not and realise the person they already are is pretty damn special.

by MissAliBlahBlah

I have a problem.
All jokes aside, I have a real problem.
Or by problem, maybe I mean issue?
I have an issue with the way women and young girls are treating themselves.
The way that so many are finding solace in really dangerous ways.
It doesn’t take rocket science to understand where a lot of the pressure comes from.

It’s not necessarily your peers as you maybe think it is.
Years ago there was this thing called not allowing women education or to get jobs or to have a basic voice, you can call it oppression – you can call it what you want but it wasn’t really fair.
There is no big rant here just a few observations.

When women won the right to vote (well certain women were granted the right anyway – I think it totally still depended on what colour your skin was and where you came from), but when women could get an education and vote, the beauty myth was then invented.
This is where you started to find cosmetics and the fashion industry stepping up.
Women started to be told they should be this that or the other and they should look a certain way and dress in certain clothes.
It’s a market that is insatiable. It’s never ending.

Just look at the amount of lotions and potions on the market – each one advertised as the best ever, then a few months later and even better than ever product will come out. If they were so good we would need one lotion and bam the job would be done.
You can’t really alter your genetics and I am afraid that has a lot to do with the shape of your hips, the condition of your skin, the size of your boobs and where you retain fat, even down to the look of your teeth and whether or not you get cellulite. I hate to tell you – it’s rarely to do with a lotion or potion.
When this started to falter and people got a bit suspicious – the cosmetic industry opened its doors to allow anyone to have surgery. It wasn’t just disfigured people or people that had been ravaged by cancer.
It was mentally ill people.
Oh my god, did I just say that? Did I just say that people seeking plastic surgery to appear beautiful were mentally ill?
Well hell yeah I did.
Forgive me this gross generalisation for one moment.
Lola Ferrari.

An extreme case I grant you – but one where she was deluded into thinking she looked like Bridget Bardot. Where someone was happy to butcher her as long as she could pay.
Lola used to get bullied when she walked down the street due to her humungous chest.
She couldn’t fly in a plane otherwise they would explode.
She could only sleep in a chair otherwise the implants would suffocate her.
She was striving to be beautiful but sadly all this was in her head, she couldn’t see what she was doing to herself, nothing was ever enough – she thought she looked amazing. She looked far more beautiful at the start. She died an early death.
Hers is a very tragic tale.

But look you can see it everywhere. Anna Nicole Smith. Marilyn Monroe.
I was bowled over backwards to learn how much surgery Marilyn had. No wonder the poor cow was so bent double with insecurities. She herself used to cry that no one wanted to know her, they just wanted to know Marilyn. Thing is she was pretty stunning before but was told she was not good enough.

We are fed this image.
It’s not realistic, it’s not natural and we don’t fully understand the health implications.
It’s only now that we are seeing the devastation being caused to many women’s bodies thanks to over use of surgery and fillers, scar tissue that cannot heal, implants that are not long term no matter what the label said. They are slowly being eaten by the body – but we don’t know it until some horrible infection happens or something quite literally explodes.

Women are starting to look weird and feline as they all cross over the line of a tweak here and there and suddenly things look a bit too sharp, too pointy or too full.
Why do we all want to look the same?
Why do we all want to bow down to peer pressure and look a certain way?

Why can’t we explore who we really are? Embrace our true selves? Why can’t we herald individuality and realise that beauty is only skin deep. We should not just think as long as we are all tits and arse then nothing else matters.
Girls out there are dying from botched surgery.
Girls out there are dying from starving themselves.
Either chasing an ideal they can never get because really they are suffering from Body Dysmorphia, or they think they look too fat and are not eating properly and developing eating disorders. Something on the increase as people feel more out of control and unable to get the ideal beauty. That’s because it is a myth set up to make us keep wanting more, needing more, spending more money, staying insecure. The economy needs it.
And if you are a man reading this thinking it doesn’t affect you – you are wrong! With the increase of men’s health and fashion magazines the increase in male eating disorders and cosmetic surgery has rocketed. Welcome to your very own beauty myth lads.
Or if you think but I like a woman with a huge rack.
Just spare a thought for the crippling back pain most end up with, or the self doubt that goes on behind the Barbie doll physic, or the seeping in to the blood stream of poisoness chemicals.
Is it really worth it?
Of course it’s not.
We should be sending out positive messages into the world. We should be putting our efforts into being good human beings with a caring heart and a good personality. You may dismiss the film but this is why I love the sentiment of Shallow Hal.

I am not – before you say it – saying that anyone that has surgery is a bad person – far from it – they can be the best person ever but they are helping to feed a negative, dangerous and quite often illegal industry.
I wish people would stop trying so hard to be something they are not and realise the person they already are is pretty damn special.