The Mop

by MissAliBlahBlah

Back home there is a fair that comes to town the first tuesday of october.
There are numerous fairs in the area at that time and a few weeks later they all join up for one massive street fair.
Somewhere somehow the little one’s get called a name I don’t get. To give you context, ‘Yay the Mop is here!’, ‘Are you going to the Mop on Tuesday?’
They were magical times.
You’d hang with your friends and pretend to not be with your parents and win silly toys that you will love for a few days.
As you get older you will hang with your friends and ignore the boys or pretend to ignore the boys.
One sad fact is the amount of squished goldfish on the floor the next day from all the bags that slip out of little hands, it’s like some weird zombie goldfish apocolypse!