The serious one.

by MissAliBlahBlah

Prozac nation is a good book – her other work – not so much – but this, this is a great quote.
Read it again and think about it one moment.

We are in a time where there is so much choice.
It could be seen as a good thing but it seems to confuse people and put so much pressure onto everyone.
The idea of success if getting more and more warped over time.
The youth are expecting more and more for doing less and less.
Times are hard.
The average adult is expected to have a whole series of mini break downs in their life time now.
The family unit is broken.
Community spirit barely exists.
We, as intelligent human beings with the capacity to understand so much seem to fail or seem unwilling to try to understand our fellow human being.
We assume if someone smiles that they are happy.
Have you never heard of the tears of a clown?
We think it, therefore we are. Well sadly no that’s not true.

A friend of mine worked with a girl that seemed OK, she seemed to have a nice enough life, she told her she’d been feeling a little down.
She went home that weekend and didn’t arrive at work on Monday, or on Tuesday, people were starting to moan about her, then someone went to her house. She’d killed herself after work on that Friday afternoon.

A young man from Crouch End recently killed himself, on February 14th, I don’t know if the date is significant to the act or not. No one seemed to sense his pain and his anguish. His last tweet now seems to explain a lot. Just like DJAM’s….it seemed like a sad tweet nothing more and nothing less but the body found the next day confirmed it was a signing off from this world.

There were two suicides in one area of London on the tubes on Sunday.

People are still jumping from ‘Suicide bridge’ in Archway.

There are a million and one cases similar to this around the world all the time.

Yet still we won’t talk about depression.

We see it as a dirty word, as though it’s something that is contagious, as though it’s something self indulgent and we should just buck up and stop moaning. We feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness.
We suffer alone.

Can you imagine feeling so lost, taking your own life – that precious thing called life – just taking it and extinguishing the last little bits of light from it?

If only we stopped to care.
If only we stopped the prejudice.

Don’t assume you know someone, don’t assume you know their life and what they are going through.

The man that was just rude to you in the local shop – maybe he’s just lost his loved one.

You can’t go around excusing everyone for everything but I think we can all do a little bit more to understand depression, to try to help and to try to build some form of community again.

We all are more than capable of caring.