Nights like these

by MissAliBlahBlah

I’m feeling a chill so looking at the fire will help right!?!?!

Just imagine, a nice hot summers day and then a bbq/party on the beach with marshmallows in the evening, just as the sun is setting, the world imluminated with the soft orange glow of the sun, the glisten of it’s dying embers twinkling away on the waves, as they crash gently against the now cooled down sand on the beach. You can hear the cry of the gulls as they swoop down on someone’s left over chip wrapper, there are no cars, the giggle of children allowed up past their bedtimes drift over from the pier as they win toys and make themselves sick on candyfloss. You’ll hear the computerised drown of the fun fare rides and the attendants repeating ‘scream if you wanna go faster’, the sounds of the screams will wash over you and drift away into the night, you will see the boats right out on the horizon just shaped by the lights they have out on deck. The sun will slowly fade away and you will look up – the heat of the fire on your face, and you will watch the stars twinkle in the night sky.