Say what!?!

by MissAliBlahBlah

I just read something horrific.
I know, I know – you should believe nothing you read and only half of what you see, but…….

A young girl was forced to marry her rapist, who in the few months they have been married has beaten her and god know’s what.

Why did she marry her rapist?

The courts ordered her to.

In Morocco a rapist can avoid a jail term if they ‘restore the virtue’ of their victim.

What now?
Excuse me?

How outrageously ridiculous is that!!!

The girl who was attacked is dishonored as is her family!
Um what about the low life scum that attacked her? What about his family? What about him!

These laws go beyond basic rights and sexism. This is seriously messed up.

You want to know something else that is messed up?
Amina Filali killed herself. She drank rat poison. Her husband so outraged he dragged her into the street by her hair.

This is not about religion.
This is not about honor.
This is something deeply messed up.

Morocco is not that far away from the UK, not really.
But look how far away in real terms it is?
How far removed it is from what is right and just to a human being.

More and more this world, sorry, scratch that, this world is beautiful, the people in it? Not so much!