Stuart, a life backwards

by MissAliBlahBlah

If you can watch this clip then please do.
Especially the scene with the bacon sandwich from 4 mins 12 seconds.
It made me cry laughing

This film made me cry with laughter and with sadness.

It’s a true story about this guy.
It’s decided that the story should go backwards – to explain why Stuart is like he is.

The opening scenes are that of a drugged up voice Stuart (played amazingly well by Tom Hardy). You hear the voice and something in you thinks drugged up, drunk lay about. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the Social worker that decides he wants to write a book about Stuart, his client quickly becomes his friend.

As the story unfolds it grips you, it will break your heart, but you will have this overwhelming sense of how wrong we are to judge.
How terrible it is that thanks to some sick people, Stuarts life was ruined.

You see through the drink and the drugs, you start to understand why they are there, and instead you focus on the funny and intelligent person Stuart is.

Definitely read the book – if the film was this good the book is going ot be amazing.

And definitely watch the film – the acting is amazing – but be prepared – it will grip you and it will break your heart.