When love walks out the door……

by MissAliBlahBlah

…..it can make your soul bleed.
You feel like you will never feel anything but this pain and hurt and confusion again.
You will cry, you will weep, you will mourn, you will freeze, you will just stare into space, you will feel like you will never be normal again.
Then you will get angry.
Spitting crying raging angry.
Then you will be empty and numb.
You will still feel like you will never get over this.
But you will.

All that pain – it’s been there to make sure you do something.
It’s been making you think, making you analyse, giving you a bit of space and time to yourself.

If you are smart you will assess things and look at what went right and what not so well, you will learn, you will grow and you will become a much better human being for it.

When you are in the thick of it – any advice will make you mad – but do believe it – because the old cliches are old because they are true. Time will really heal you and that is all you need.

That, and some good friends and family, silly films and a tub of ice cream.

Allow yourself to greive.

Then embrace the new, improved you.

Go into the world bigger and bolder, able to love again and willing to love again.
Work at your own pace, don’t set time limits.
Those that fail normally bounce from one relationship to the other, never growing or learning and just getting bitter.

You may need some motivation to get you through the first stages. There’s nothing like sticking your fingers up to your past love by going out there and being fabulous.

You have to ultimately do all this for you though.

One other thing to remember….you are not alone, we’ve all had these moments or we all will – we will all feel like a failure but the only failing is if you don’t allow yourself to learn.

You will love again. Bigger and better than ever before.