Where did we get it so wrong?

by MissAliBlahBlah

We talk.
And talk.
And talk and talk and talk and talk.
If someone just looks at us, we talk more, we get nervous, we say too much.
We can’t take any of it back.
They keep on looking.
We talk even more.
Then we probably run away.
Now the other person may just have been listening.
If we all just talked it would be a ridiculously selfish noisy world.
Oh wait…….isn’t that what this world is or has sort of become?
We criticise the child that doesn’t talk, but maybe they are thinking, forming their thoughts.
This should be praised.
I mean how contradictory are we?

We tell off the child that doesn’t answer us straight away, we tell off the adult that does the same.
We fill our lives with chatter and talking over each other.
Is this not just rude?

We scream at the child ‘Think before you speak dammit!’
Well um they were trying but then got shouted out for ignoring the person speaking to them.

Once upon a time people understood the land.

Then technology came along and we all assumed it was advancement.
In some ways it was.
In other ways….not so much – it was more entrapment rather than advancement.

We now spend lots and lots of money to get the weather forecast wrong.
Once upon a time people would look at the ground, they would read the sky, they would feel the wind change and know for sure what was coming.
That cost nothing.
Just understanding and silence.

The modern world is scared of silence.

It was drawn to my attention that this is why people build on all land – that the open space is like silence – they can’t deal with it so have to fill it.

Well isn’t that just the biggest shame ever.

We go on holiday and love the tranquillity and love the views, yet we do all we can in the modern world to fill those views with concrete and steel and talk all over each other to stop the silence.

When did we get it so wrong?

The only bit of land I ‘own’ is some rainforest I gave money towards to hopefully stop it being used, built on or taken away. I don’t have the money to buy a house, and I keep thinking if that’s really the way it’s meant to be. If I stand on the same spot for a day, for ten years I will never, ever grow roots from my feet to keep me there – so why are we hell bent on saying that we have to root our life to one small space of bricks and mortar? Are we not meant to be freer than that?

Is it not wrong to take nature and pour concrete all over it.
Have we not become trapped by our longing for belongings!
Wasn’t the world far more beautiful when people shared. You would share each others wealth and you would share each others hardship, you would become one – no one would suffer alone. People still suffer, people are still rich, people are still poor – but now we don’t share. We teach people to stay away – to not touch that this does not belong to them – we get quite maddened by what we ‘own’.

There’s a whole world out there we could look after and share together, but instead we hold on to little bits and bobs, we fill our houses with things, things we don’t even use half the time – but it’s ours don’t take it away – it’s mine, get your hands off!
Again it was brought to my attention that if we took all the storage space we used to store this ‘stuff’ and let people live in that space then there would be no one living on the street and homeless.

There is enough food and wealth in this world for everyone to be ok.

Yet somewhere, somehow it was decided that some should have more and some should have less.

Who decided this?

Are you really telling me that some of those socialites out there are more worthy?
Are you really telling me that footballers do a more vital job than doctors?

So the more I look at it the more I realise that it’s not money that makes you rich!
It’s not belongings that give you freedom.
It’s not the weather channel that tells you the correct weather.
It’s not the ability to talk non stop that is important – it’s the ability to not just listen – it’s the ability to actually hear what is being said, to hear what is not being said, to see what is going on around us.
Don’t we even refer to it as the ‘trappings’ of the modern world!?
We are not meant to be zooming along from A – Z, we are meant to be strolling through life – soaking up the vast experiences around us, learning, looking and passing it on.

Once upon a time we breathed deeply – now we barely breathe at all.

Think about it.