Blarg…about and for David Cameron

by MissAliBlahBlah

I think most politicians are as bad as each other.

I wish I could say they are all as good as each other, but alas…..

They all make some quite good promises, but you know they won’t keep them.

Now I am not saying that running a country is easy but I am saying when you are blatanly making a mess of it and ignoring the majority – you should man up and admit it.


If this was the full purpose and why you became a politician then you should be damn right disgusted with yourself.

I am of course talking about David Cameron.
He unfortunately ‘has the power’ right now.
I actually think it would do him some good to remember that ‘we’ didn’t vote him in.

People will believe what they are told and this infuriates me but I do have to say that I am sensing this is happening a little less right now.

The riots last summer were scary – they were horrible and the reasons behind it have been bent out of shape all over the place.
There is and never will be an excuse for such horrible behaviour BUT let us not forget – all the main governmental figures were out of the country on holiday…..this is something that is apparently never meant to happen. And um yeah David – way to support your own countries economy by going abroad for your holidays.

This year ‘the people’ have been squeezed and pushed and neglected even more. So much has been taken away with so little given back that you make people feel they have nothing to lose.
This makes for a very dangerous person.
Accommodation in prison is better than most on offer by landlords.
I expect bigger and worse riots this summer as kids are bored and have no money and nothing to do.
This is something I really want to be proved wrong on by the way.

I am not going to launch into my hatred of a lot of living conditions in London – or how the real term wages of many is way below what the government is saying, I am not going to bang on about ‘finishing off what a certain iron lady couldn’t’.

What I will say is this:
When did it become OK to trample on the little people that basically hold up a country? When did it become ok to only listen to those with money? When did having money mean you had a voice and if you didn’t then you didn’t count? When did the size of your house and the postcode you are in be all that really mattered? When did earning big money and trampling on people be deemed as success?
None of these things are new but why are we never learning from the mistakes of the past? We all make mistakes but to never learn from them is a huge failing.
This is a Government for the rich. We are talking about 1% of the country.
To be making decisions to just suit that small, minute, should be insignificant but sadly isn’t, amount of people is just wrong, wrong, wrong.
State schools are over full. Children are not just being refused their first choice, some are not getting into school at all.
We’ve seen the disaster that is the privatisation of the railways. People paying extortionate rates to stand on a train – surely breeching health and safety. Trains that don’t run on time on track that is old and not so safe in places. They run up huge bills, fall behind on repairs, put up fares and then still need ‘the people’ to bail them out, which in my book means ‘the people’ own some of it so how come ‘the people’ get no say?
To now do this with the health care system is a disgrace.
The very people that work within it are not for this.
And when it is something of such a huge importance, then why is it not put to vote? Why do we not get a say in such a huge thing? If you say it’s because we voted this government in well then please remember that we did not.
How is it OK to see the number of people out of work rising?
How is it OK to see the despair on the faces of the youth get more and more ingrained?
How is it OK to see more and more families not being able to afford the basics?
How is it OK to see landlords ripping people off and offering nothing short of squalor in return? (OK I couldn’t help but mention it).
How is it OK to be threatened that even cars and the roads will be for the rich – that the roads will be privatised because they are falling behind in repair? Um where is all the road tax going then please?
To see timetables for buses cut?
Well you can’t take away people’s own travel and give them nothing in return – this world is no longer set up for that!
How can you focus on foreign investment when you don’t even invest in your own people…….sorry but you are, that 1% is your ‘class’ at least isn’t it.
When you can’t even answer how the budget is going to be of great benefit to you when it will harm nearly everyone else.

It is harder and harder to believe in the ‘Great’ of Great Britain and the ‘kind’ in Human Kind.

Never before have I wanted to leave my country. Until now.
The future is bleak.
The future is scary.
Most are being given nothing to live for.
Way to go in inspiring a nation.
What a legacy to leave behind!

I hope that Karma exists.