Don’t let them make you doubt yourself

by MissAliBlahBlah

“The minute I get upset, that’s it, it’s over
I’m already outta the room
Why can’t I just forget that?
I know what’s gonna hurt
There’s not much else I can do
I’m breaking my own rules
Becoming someone else”

You know if you are being a bad person right?
So that means that if you are you would do something about it, right! (Please note the lack of a question there!)
Well, if you know you are a kind and generally nice person (come on, we all have our off days), well, if you know that how come it’s so easy for others to make you doubt that? (And don’t even pretend it’s just me on this one!)
So many little things can make me happy – then just like the flip of a switch I can feel so down and go into a spiral of all the things wrong with me and my life.
I only have to have one person forget about me or not be nice to me and I start to doubt myself rather than realising that maybe it was an over sight, maybe they were having a bad day or maybe it’s their failings not mine?
Why do I do this!?!?! I am a relatively intelligent human being – but yet I can be so dumb.
I have this thing at work where my breaks hardly coincide with anyone else’s in the building and I am in an office on my own.
Now rather than thinking how well I have done to intigrate into the office way of life (even my boss complimented me on how well I have become part of the family), I get down when a social event is arranged and I don’t hear about it until the last minute. See I then won’t go because I feel like an after thought.
I then spiral in my head about how I must be a rubbish person and even take myself as far as sometimes wondering if I should look for another job.
A total knee, jerk over reaction.
And I know this.
Nothing even will have happened particularly.
And here’s another thing – I know I can’t be liked by everybody and that is fine as I sure as hell don’t like everybody either.
So why do I do this?
All around me I hear and see people do the same thing. Every day.

SO……be the best version of you that you can be and if someone can’t see that, or is threatened by that, or can’t be bothered to get to know you – then their loss.
Don’t let anyone question you or make you behave in a way you don’t like just so you can fit in for 5 minutes.
Be yourself.