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The diary of a girl

Month: April, 2012

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away….and you thought it was apples!

Children laugh so much more than adults – I mean SO much more.

Like 400 to 17 some would have us believe.

When laughing is so good for us – it’s a shame we don’t do it more!


If someone breaks your heart please remember this advice

Mark Hoppus Art

I am not sure who did this but I like it.

What does this picture make you think?

It makes me feel calm.
I can imagine the silence with just the gentle lull of the lapping waves below and the breeze blowing almost silently above.
You might hear the odd cry from a bird in the distance.
The sun would break through the clouds, warming your skin and making little circles of glitter dance across the waves.
You might look around you and laugh and run with all your might and throw yourself off the end, landing in the water with a giant splash, breaking the quiet. In minutes the splash would turn in little ripples that would widen out, expanding beyond where the eye can see, getting weaker and weaker but leaving your impression all the same.
You’d climb out, soaking wet but happy and would go back to your spot and lay down and let the sun dry you out, feeling alive and happy as warmed.

Don’t see it as things ending…..

See it as new things just beginning.

Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about doing this!

I wish…..

That this was the sign that was right outside my door whenever I ventured outside. If it was a rainy day I could follow the line of vision from the sign and see the sun, beckoning me to go and laze about and write and draw.

So if you live by the beach I might be a little bit jealous!

La sigh

Dancing Feet

I no longer wear heels but if I did…..

Friday Fun