True dat!

by MissAliBlahBlah

What does that even mean – especially when it comes to people?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which loosely means it’s different to all of us, yet, when you look out there at all the adverts and billboards we are all being sold the same package deal – we are all being told we should look a certain way.
Of course the irony is that we know the poster person of choice doesn’t even look like that image we are being sold. Cindy Crawford famously stated that even she didn’t wake up looking like the Cindy we know.
It takes a lot of effort of a make up artist, lighting person, personal trainer, hairdresser, personal stylist, computer programmes… get that person to look that way – yet here we all are trying to buy into it.
As a child we are desparate to be older.
We get older and we are desparate to try to slow the process down.
Embracing yourself, your individuality and your age is what we should all do but of course this doesn’t sell and make certain industries money.
But the thing you can do is realise that beauty isn’t everything in people but it is all around us in the world we live in if we take the time to look – same with people – take the time to look and you will see the beauty that really matters.