by MissAliBlahBlah

Last night I watched a show on TV.
It’s about where a millionaire keeps their financial status hidden and ‘mucks in’ with the salt of the earth type characters in a rough part of the UK.
At the end they announce who they are and donate some money get hugged and everyone says they are great and all that.

I’d really like to see some follow up shows but of course I guess the ‘help’ is not really the point of the show.

Last night the millionaire gave away more money than I’ve seen any of the others give away.

It’s great that they do – but £50K to someone worth £50M is not as much as it would seem – great for the charity though – but the little kid that donates their entire years pocket money is more news worthy – but maybe that’s me.

The other thing that hit me is that there are a lot of rich people in this world who have low morals and they’ve trampled people to get that money – so it’s kind of ironic that a programme shows how £100K can really alter so many people’s lives but someone somewhere will be earning that every minute and all too often for the rich person to get that £100K they’ve trampled on so many people.