Perfect little get away

by MissAliBlahBlah

Sitting here looking out at the lake, watching the creatures from below make ripples upon the water, watching the creatures from above dive down to break the silence with a gentle splash and a swooshing of their wings.
I watch the petals fall from the trees and land upside down like tiny little boats upon the water. I watch them sail away finding adventures of their own.

I see the sun glisten across the pool, sometimes it shimmers, sometimes it full on dances, sometimes it just gently tap dances across the ripples, making its way to the shore.

My little rope bridge sways, showing me the postman is here. It’s a hideaway, not a cutoff. I still have the modern world on my doorstep, I just no longer invite it in to my living room.

It’s a brief meeting with a human being, and then I am back to watching nature play on my doorstep. I feel the breeze in my hair, the sun on my skin, I take a deep breath and know I am truely alive.