The circle of life

by MissAliBlahBlah

So my question of the day is this….

Why do we think that we are better than animals?

I watched a show on TV this week, it almost doesn’t matter what the title was – it was the principle and the reactions that got to me.
In case you are interested the show was about the top ten scariest attacks of animals against humans.
Right now I will point out that not one attack was pre meditated.
One attack was when two divers had gone into a cage to watch sharks. I’ve never understood the massive gap at the top part of those cages and this incident proves my point!
The humans dropped a big tuna head into the water as bait, the shark took it, swimming with such force I guess the bait was too close to the cage and the shark went forward and hit the cage, due to the gap at the top of the cage the shark got stuck, freaked out and twisted about – the strength of the shark meant the front of the cage got ripped off. This of course made the divers, quite frankly, shit themselves.
What did the shark do wrong?

Next you have a polar bear attack. The initial image was of a woman practically horizontal being held up off the ground by a polar bear who had the top of her leg in its mouth.
Turns out the lady had ignored the signs and climbed over not one but two sets of barriers ‘to get a better shot, to get a close up.’
I guess she got her close up!

There was another where some tourists were looking at some baboons out in the wild ie in the baboons habitat. They had their car windows open and were eating food with lots of food on display in the car. They appeared to be very shocked when the baboons moved in and climbed into the car, stole their food and left a giant poo on their car seat.
You can probably see how things are going here.

There was one that really saddened me.
A circus elephant.
Why oh why oh why oh why are animals still in circuses?
There’s been A LOT of footage over the last few years showing elephants being very badly treated.
Not just elephants but most ‘performing’ animals in circuses.
Maybe not all are bad but it’s not a favourable thing anymore at all, not now we know better.
Anyway – the Elephant was being made to perform, over and over again.
Whole families were being allowed to take a ride ontop of one elephant.
Over and over again.
The Elephant rightly got peed off.
People were cheering and shouting – it was being worked hard – flashbulbs were going off, he had this wriggly things on its back that didn’t belong there and it ran at the barriers in fright/frustration.
The people were rescued.
The Elephant was killed.
For what?
Because people were bloody stupid and arrogant.

I have to admit I am the sort of person who will be totally on the bulls side when it gores someone in the street runs in Spain or in the bull fighting ring.

No animal should lose a life for ‘sport.’

And don’t even get me started on the rich people’s shooting safari’s.
There is no skill to this.
There is no survival need for this.
It’s murder. It’s blood ‘sport’.
It’s down right disgusting that a civilised race takes part in such things.

And yeah you’ve got it – I am against fox hunting too.
If culls are really needed then there sure as hell has to be a better way than making an animal run for its life just to get ripped apart by a pack of dogs.

Seriously when will people learn that all things on earth have their place here – they all belong.
We are all part of the circle of life – the circle of the world.
Things have gone wrong since humans tried to remove themselves from this circle.
There is room and space for us all.
But when many don’t even treat their fellow man with respect I don’t know why I am so shocked by such stories!!!