Something is really bothering me…..

by MissAliBlahBlah

….and in a true British style I am going to write about it!
It’s a joke that is so true – that British people can still be so polite even when angry that they will be so OUTRAGED they have to go and write a letter.

Now, I pride myself in being open minded, kind, caring and a generally nice person. I have my off days when I am down or a bit fed up and I might snap at someone – but I am self aware enough to know when I have done this and I will make amends and rectify my error.

Anyone that knows me, knows this.

Anyone that knows me knows I can’t stand people being treated unfairly.
I hate hate hate hate HATE bullies and emotional blackmailers.
I detest people jumping to conclusions, judging people and judging someone on what they look like.
I hate homophobia and racism.
I hate sexists people – whether that be men or women.

Now, the other day I had many intelligent people come into work or phone up and were going out of there way to slow things up and be annoying. So I used the word retarded.
The correct dictionary definition of this is thus:
v. re·tard·ed, re·tard·ing, re·tards
To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.
To be delayed.
1. A slowing down or hindering of progress; a delay.
2. Music A slackening of tempo.

Some not so nice people took that word and due to it meaning proceeding slowly it has been used by some as a derogatory term for people with certain disabilities.

Thing is I used the word as it should’ve been used, defining someone who could do better, who knew better and who was going out of their way to make things not progress, they were hindering progress on purpose.

I would never use the term in a derogatory way. I will be and always have been the kid that will stick up for the person being picked on, the more defenceless soul if they have not done anything.

My friend, like many of us as children, used derogatory terms as a child……I’ve never pulled her up on that as you think OK we need to learn and that’s fine.
Then this topic became very close to home and something she is obviously now sensitive about.
I get that, I understand that……..but I did nothing wrong.
I didn’t call a child with a disability the ‘r’ word, I never have and I never would.
She should know this.

But instead she took to facebook and started slamming me, without having the sense to talk to me about it or realise how things were meant.

Does this not then make her a participant in online bullying?
She started to call me names, derogatory names but not using my name just hiding behind the computer.
This saddened me and deemed the whole thing a little hypocritical.

It highlights to me how people are so quick to judge…it really highlights to me the issues we have with online networking things in general.
When something directly affects them they will fight and argue, but not before? Isn’t that again a little hypocritical but maybe typical of human nature?

Why are we all so angry these days? Why can’t we talk to people about things?

Why are there so many people out there that are big and tough when they are behind their computer screens?

When was it OK to release details of a girl that had been raped?
When was it OK to hack into people’s phones, to steal information, to potential be making families think a loved one was still alive when they weren’t?
When was it OK to hack into servers and post loads of private information about the general public all over the internet?
When was it OK for people to set up pages that taunt dead people and their families, quite frequently families that have had a child be murdered or sadly commit suicide.

I find the internet wonderful, you can find out so many things, have access to so much lovely information, I have made some amazing friends thanks to social networking sites that I would never have met in normal circumstances.

Yet so many people are out there abusing it.
What my friend did pales in comparison to the things above but it just made me stop and think about how badly things are used.

I wish human nature could get rid of it’s anger and jealousy, because they wouldn’t we have a much better place?

If people learnt to be understanding and respectful of others wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place?

If we could see the good and not jump to conclusions.
If we could think about our actions before doing something.

The world has great potential.
As does everyone in it.
You can’t control what others say and do but you sure can control yourselves.