Do you ever get a crisis of confidence?

by MissAliBlahBlah

All around you are perfected airbrushed images.
Then you see those people in real life and it can be like seeing a totally different person.
Being in the world of fame must be hard due to that very fact.
You must constantly feel like you are not yourself!
Marilyn Monroe used to cry a lot, from what I hear, about the fact that everyone loved Marilyn but no one cared about her, plain old Norma Jean.

It makes you wonder if anyone truely feels confident and content with their lot.

It was said years ago that I would never be happy – it wasn’t meant negatively – it was meant that I am always striving for more. It’s true – I think you have to keep yourself on your toes to keep yourself learning and growing as a human being, otherwise you just stagnate and that’s not good for the soul, or for those around you.

Some days I sit and smile to myself, happy with all that I have. Yet with just a flick of a switch I am verging on tears, feeling like a failure, that has next to nothing in my life.

Why is this?
Comparing myself to others?
Maybe that is one of the biggest flaws we all have. Comparing ourselves to others? For at the end of the day – we don’t really know everything about anyone else – we only know what they let us know and a little of things we find out. Many people don’t even take the time to get to know themselve properly, so it’s no wonder there are all these crises of identies going on.

Today I might feel really blessed with all the friends I have, but tomorrow I might sit in a panic and start counting friends and feel like the biggest loser in town.

I am guessing reality lies somewhere in the middle.

If I just stopped sub-consciously comparing myself to others maybe I’d be OK.

I mean I do alright, I have a nice job, I have a small group of amazing people around me, I am studying a course, I am writing my second book, I am trying to learn to play piano, I enjoy photography, I know how to chill out and switch off, I enjoy and appreciate the outside world….so all in all I am probably not doing so bad.

Maybe I am seeking reassurance here or maybe I am trying to let you all know that you are probably ok too.