The truely rich person just needs to keep their eyes open

by MissAliBlahBlah

“Looking back you see that love was the answer to everything.”

Sorry – why did you say that? It can’t be true surely because there is so much we do in a day that we don’t love!”

“Yes Dear, but if you are smart you will choose to love it!”

“I still don’t get you – what do you mean – you either love it or you don’t!”

“Oh child you are so young, you can make yourself love things, don’t you understand anything… you think your Grandmother loved me straight away – she grew to love me, kindof like you grow to love certain TV shows….”

“Nope still not hearing you – why would she marry you if she didn’t love you……”

“Different times, different times child you wouldn’t understand……”

“EXACTLY! That’s what I have been trying to get through to you Grandpa, I don’t understand what you are talking about. You have agreed with me. At last!!!”

“Oh stop your nonsense Carrie. You are being pedantic, humour an old fool, I am trying to help you!”

“Yes Grandpa!”

“Don’t think I don’t know you aren’t rolling your eyes, just because I cannot see you Carrie. I know. I am old but I am no fool…, you are at work. You have to work. You have to for the soul and for the bread and butter on the table. Youth today, they haven’t got a clue, it’s not their fault, you have to chase the chain back, somehow you have to break it before it breaks you. Youth today, they think they have the right to anything, without putting any effort in, without working for it, without doing good deeds, without being a good person. Without helping anyone else. It’s all about ‘what’s in it for me’, this is where society has gone wrong! You think you can have it all without lifting a finger. Of course it’s the parents fault – they live a life on benefits – handouts, demanding, expecting but refusing to work. You get women today, cheapening themselves, stupid men willing to pay for anything so long as the pretty girl will laugh at their jokes and look good on their arm. They have nothing as child and want it all, that I understand, but not working for it? That I do not.”

“Grandpa, what has this to do with my job?”

“You are not even hearing me Carrie are you? This is a life lesson for you here, if you could just take a moment to listen. Stop texting your friends or trying to rush to the next phase of life. Enjoy the now. Live in the present….no no before you say it I don’t mean be irresponsible, I mean live properly, live fully, stop trying to rush. You spend all week wishing for home time, then wishing for the weekend, then holding on to Sunday as though it’s the most pressure moment on earth. You should enjoy every day. Every day is a gift Carrie if you could just take a moment to see it.”

“Grandpa, are you feeling alright? Do you need me to call the nurse?”

“Oh CARRIE, stop making me angry. Listen to me properly, stop your chatter. You are too much like your Mother sometimes Carrie! SO impatient!!!”
“Yes Grandpa, geez…….”

“Work hard Carrie but play hard too. Find time to love things, find time to work out what you love, find the time to live a little, love a little, I don’t just mean boys Carrie, find things you are good at. Fill your life with good friends, good books…….those are things you will love. You will have a talent, use it, love it. And when you are doing the things you love a little less than others, remember how it enables you to do the things you love, and this in turn will allow you to love it. Your day will pass much more easily, you will find things you love in your day. You will start to live a little more. Stop worrying about the latest fashions, they will come and go, they are not things to love. Don’t waste time on fickle friends, make the time for those that really count. You will only need 3 or 4, but really be there for them. Then you will get a true loving friendship. You kids think it is all about the money. Don’t judge and don’t be judged on the size of your bank account, or your job status, you are not living to work – you are working to live so don’t get tied up in the wrong things. Don’t judge a man by his salary – judge him by the depth of his heart. Then you will find true love. Don’t think you have to be rich in money terms, you lose focus, you can lose imagination. You don’t need many material things in life, I fear this is where we have all gone wrong, so consumed by what is yours and what is mine we have lost sight of the things that matter. Each other. How can you love someone if you are always in competition with them? That makes for a lonely life. The most precious gift you have is time. If you are working all the time, if you are working all your years, when are you having time to really live?! Your Father, he worked hard, but he never had any fun. When he was out of the office it was still there in his mind, darkening his heart. He was always competing. He forgot about the taking part. You don’t always have to come first to be the winner Carrie just remember that. Life is not a competition. You are unique. Embrace that, don’t try to bury it, don’t be ashamed of your uniqueness. Do you really need to travel the world to have adventures? Do you really need a 15 bedroom house to feel like a success? No Carrie, you just need an open heart, you need love, without it nothing else matters, it gives everything a purpose, so love child, love! Focus on the small details, keep your eyes open, that will make you truly rich and give you all that you need in life. Now Carrie, I need to sleep, think carefully about what I have told you child. Good night.”