Music makes the world go round

by MissAliBlahBlah

So…..this weekend was quite an event.
I smashed a lightbulb all over me but don’t worry – I didn’t get hurt.
But that’s not what I am talking about.
I am talking about a band called Jet-Pack and some band called Blink 182, that you may have heard of.

OK that was just a blatant excuse to include a picture of Blink 182 in this blog.

Years ago I was at a gig with my brother

when a friend text us to say that Blink 182 had split up.

Silence descended upon us…both of us casting our minds back to a recent Blink 182 gig we’d all been to. How much fun it had been. But some of the weird looks the band had been giving to each other during the show suddenly started to make sense. We’d been watching them unravel at the seams without even realising it. We’d all left that gig on a high, vowing to always go to see them….feeling inspired. I bought a bass. I tried to learn but I have a rather ridiculous thumb injury that makes things hard…..or I have lost my musical ability but I am sticking to the thumb injury……my brother had been playing guitar for years and had dabbled in a band when he was younger. Not long after this he formed his own band a MAJOR influence on all that he did musically was Blink 182, the band that was no more.

We all went to see the subsequent bands that came out of this, namely Angels and Airwaves and +44. The dancing by Tom Delonge in AVA made us all root for +44 that little bit harder. The gigs were great – but something was missing.

Finally (after some tragic events) Tom, Mark and Travis obviously realised that something was missing too. And yay, before we knew it Blink was announcing that they were back together and a world tour would follow. We waited with baited breath as the tour dates were announced. Something was wrong. Blink had forgotten that there was a world outside of the US of A.

We waited a little longer. A UK tour got announced, we did a little dance and all bought tickets. There was over 6 months to go until the gig and I started to think about what to wear (shut up I am a girl and these things are important!!!!)

Then disaster – the tour got delayed, by a year!!!!!!

Some people (Carl) threw their dummy out of the pram and got a refund on the ticket – we were all disappointed about the extra wait for the show but we all knew he would regret that action.

Anyway – finally the date was drawing near – I sold Carl my ticket – because I am great like that – and then my brothers band were told they could play the acoustic stage before the Blink 182 gig.
Just hold that thought for one moment.

Just imagine how amazing that must’ve felt.

Just think the planning, the excitement and the late night talks that had gone on centred around such a monumental cherry on the top moment.
You get to the gig, it’s all looking amazing, the medley of Blink songs you have put together is sounding ace, you see how many of your own fans and friends have turned up, there are mere moments to go and then………..

The stage manager does this to your guitar.

Well thank goodness for creative friends and the lone of a guitar.
From all accounts Jet-Packs set and the Blink 182 set were totally awesome and as you probably know who Blink 182 are already I am sure you will be itching to find out more about Jet-Pack.

SO – you can visit them and befriend them on face book!/wearejetpack

Watch their hilarious video here:

And here’s Jet-Pack being stalked by some wannabe called Adam

And if you speak to Jet-Pack nicely they will even let you have some songs for free.