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Month: August, 2012

Before gaga and after gaga

And this, ladies and gentlemen….is why people should stop trying to have surgery, cut themselves, starve themselves to be like people they see in the magazines. Even they don’t look like that.

It’s unobtainale beauty.

It’s meant to be out of reach to keep you all reaching for the latest fashion buy or the latest cosmetics….if it was obtainable the diet industry and beauty industry would not be worth the vast amount that it is.

Remember the beauty myth!!!!


A beautiful photograph if ever there was one.


Never give up, live and learn!


Friendship is special

We only need a few friends in life to really get us through it – and to enable us to have the time and energy to be an amazing friend back.
Things like facebook have cheapened the word ‘friend’.
Sorry but no one has 600 friends.
Friendship is a special and wonderful thing.
You should treat it like the unique gift it is.

Being a unicorn is the only way to be

My friend Jess saw this and thought of me straight away.
The girl knows me well!

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

This weekend I was treated to a ticket to go and see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardobe at the 360 theatre.

I had never been to that theatre before but absolutely love the story of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. As someone trying out in the world of writing novels for young adults – this story blows me away on so many levels. I feel there are ways we can all be inspired by it but I struggle to see someone coming up with a better story…..pushing my opinions on that aside……….

The 360 theatre is an amazing venue. It seats about 1500 all in a circle with a round stage in the middle. Like a lot of stages there are trap doors to help set up and remove scenery, and there are revolving sections to the stage. All of this is enclosed in a giant tent that is used to project images all around you. The effects are simply amazing.

The snow scenes were amazing, I think the snow was tiny bubbles in the end so there is no mess, and nothing stuck in your hair as you leave……..the costumes are done in quite a minimalist but very fetching way. Mrs Beaver for example has a costume made up of a few hoops so the body moves in a very swishy wiggly way – which doesn’t sound very technical but does look very effective. The trees are people dressed up, walking on stilts and Aslan is operated by three people, in a very similar fashion to the how the horses were operated in the War Horse, this gives for an interactive, effective looking Lion without the need for major props. As with any theatre production, the acting is over the top but it does not spoil.

The scene were you think Aslan is going to die is absolutely stand out, very moving, very effective and very loud.

Quite frankly, a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening!

It’s been a while….

I’ve been living, breathing and really kind of finding that so much bores me these days.
I feel there is overkill on the internet in a way.
There is so many picture blogs, writing blogs, fashion blogs, even very small children trying to say they have all this fashion style and we know they are just hoping for freebies.
There are phenomenon’s happening every few minutes on the internet these days – but doesn’t that kindof take away from it being phenomenal?

It was my birthday yesterday. There’s a nice simple thing that reminds you of the people and the things in life that really matter.

Last week I was sat in a field waiting to go to a Blink gig that never actually happened (I’d have been far more gutted if I hadn’t already been the night before, and yeah, it was amazing, thanks), and it was kind of nice to have that time to just hang and chill, forget the clock and go where your feet take you and just live a little, no agenda, no nothing – just a group of people that get along shooting the breeze and experiencing things.

Plain and simple, no frills no bells, well maybe some frills but I am the kind of girl that likes to accessorise.

It was so nice not to be rushing somewhere or trying to make an impression.

I fear we have lost the ability to just ‘be’