More rantings

by MissAliBlahBlah

I watched a show last night about some police officers and the work they do with children that have gotten lost.

I think it should probably be better put to say that they work with the children suffering at the hands of their lost parents.

It broke my heart.

For two reasons.

The first reason being that I found it so incredibly sad what was going on – that having children is a beautiful gift to be cherished but how many people seem to forget to care.  I am being generous, maybe they never did, but I would hate to think that is the case.

A little 2 year old boy was stopped by a couple who were out for a walk.  The 2 year old was on his own.  With no shoes on.  He ended up travelling around in a police van whilst they tried in vein to find out where the little boy lived.  One hour……yes, ONE HOUR later, his parent called the police to report him missing.  It took her ONE HOUR to notice he wasn’t there.

Then there was an incident where twin girls of 12 years of age had been seen playing in the surf by themselves, with no supervision but had vanished and not been seen for 3 hours.  Eventually they managed to find out that they were on holiday with their parents.  The Dad had told his daughters to play in the sea whilst he went to the pub.  The girls had gotten cold, so they went to the pub and couldn’t find their Dad, so they got a bus and went back to their hotel and waited for over 3 hours until the police had located their father.  A few minutes later the mother turned up at the hotel, seemingly a bit drunk too.  The girls looked so upset, I even noticed one flinch from her Father.  When the police said it wasn’t acceptable the Father really didn’t seem to see what he had done wrong, or that it was wrong to be that drunk whilst ‘looking after’ his children.

The case that broke my heart the most was the story of a 17 year old girl who was having to try to do her exams whilst bringing up her younger brother.  Her Mom was quite a severe alcoholic and was known to the police.  The daughter was really looking forward to going to University so she could begin her own life and not just have to look after her Mom, her biggest question was why her Mom did this when other Mom’s didn’t seem to.

That girl was a little treasure.  She’s brought herself up to be a thoroughly nice human being.

Her Mom decided that she was doing 90% of her parenting right seeing as she had such a good daughter.  The police officer asked her if she thought her daughter would agree and the Mom said that her and her daughter didn’t really talk…..but she still thought that she got 90% of her parenting right!!!!!!!!

Now I understand that Alcoholism is a disease, but why was no one helping this girl and her Mother…..why was her Mother, who was aware that she had a drink problem not enrolling in AA or something similar?

Why is the world so unfair that these poor children were suffering in such conditions.

And then you get people like Paris Hilton – who don’t really seem to do that much good for humanity but seem to have so much.

Now there’s a question I would like answered!